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Choose Your Hard


I’ve posted this quote before and I will probably post it again because it’s a message that really resonates with me. Maybe it does with you too?

About 10 minutes after I stopped leading Weight Watchers meetings, my weight started to creep up! With 13 YEARS of weighing in every single month and staying at my goal weight (I did the math–that’s 156 monthly weigh-ins in a row!!!!) you would think I would have the hang of how to maintain my weight, wouldn’t you? Well, the fact is, I DO know WHAT to do, just like I am sure you do too! It’s not what to do that we need help with…it’s HOW. HOW do I fit taking care of myself into my current life stage? HOW do I make it livable and fun? HOW do I make it realistic so I can keep doing it? HOW do I keep from feeling bored or worse, deprived??

Our lives and routines change as we pass through different stages. I’ve been in one of those transition stages over the last year or so. My oldest son left for college, my sister & best friend moved far away and I had a job shift. I felt like something needed to give, so I gave up leading my Weight Watchers meetings, as you know. What I didn’t mean to do, was let my healthy habits relax, but left to themselves with little time and effort dedicated to them, they did.

Weight management is a continuous management process that doesn’t work it’s self. The idea that I will “just watch what I eat” does not work for me, I’ve learned (again) the hard way. It doesn’t work for me with spending…I need a budget. It doesn’t work for me with spending time on things that are important…if it’s important I need to MAKE time to do it. And it most certainly does not work for me when it comes to food…I NEED TO BE ACCOUNTABLE to myself by weighing-in on a consistent basis and tracking my food intake anytime my weight creeps more than a couple of pounds above my goal weight.

Hard to do? Sure, it can be a challenge. It takes effort—but NOT doing it is not the cake walk I would have guessed it to be. What I’ve experienced over the last 4 months is not easy to deal with either. Feeling my clothes becoming uncomfortable and some not even wearable. Noticing how much more difficult my morning running has become and how I’ve slowed down. Starting to experience feelings about myself that I though I got rid of from 75 pounds ago. Feelings of shame and guilt can be so painful!! I’m not sure that anyone other than people who struggle with their weight can really understand the context of the feelings I’m trying to describe. Going to parties or events and being self conscious, hoping with all my heart that others won’t notice my weight gain. Just not feeling at my best. The list of “hard” goes on and on!! It’s not worth it! The “freedom” from food tracking, planning, preparation and monitoring is not really freedom at all!!!!! It’s far more restrictive!!

Spending a week at the beach with my family about a month ago (my happy place), I decided the “hard” thing to do had changed. It was now harder NOT to return to my Weight Watchers lifestyle than it was to keep turning a blind eye to what was happening on the scale. Since I am telling you this, you already know which “hard” I’ve chosen. I’m backing on plan with Weight Watchers and I have lost a few pounds. I’d like to lose 10 pounds by the holidays and get back to goal. My plan is to accomplish this by having a ONE pound weight loss per week. That’s not slow, that’s do-able and healthy!! I write this to keep reminding reminding myself as well! Our minds can play tricks on us but the fact is, a pound a week adds up fast….in either direction!!

If you would like to join me in this path back to goal, I would be thrilled! Nothing is as hard when you have the support and camaraderie of others, not to mention fun food ideas to keep it interesting…so that’s what I hope to share with you in my upcoming blog posts.

We can’t predict the future but I would like to find a balance in my life that allows me to go back to Weight Watchers and lead one or two meetings a week after I get back to my goal. Life is good and for me, being in control of my weight helps me enjoy it to the fullest. I’m not willing to give that up!!

Anyone care to join me in this 10 pounds lost in 10 weeks extravaganza?? This will be the focus of my blog posts for the near future in hopes that we can help each other. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!

All is Well!!!


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  • Reply
    September 1, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    I know what you have been going through too. My life style changed also and I had no time for WW guidance. My last WW weigh in was Nov. 2013 as a Life timer and I “binged” for a year. Thinking I could do it by myself in January didn’t work, and this past June, I went back to WW meetings. Lost half weight I needed to and clothes are starting to fit again!
    I’m with you on the final ten!
    PS: I missed you and the others at the WW meetings

  • Reply
    Pam Zuiker
    September 1, 2015 at 7:30 am

    You are my mentor and a warrior! You got this and you will be my inspiration once again. I am always on my battlefield with weight and happiness. It is long time past due time to gain control of my weight also. Thanks for the honest post! I wanted to let you know message received. I am in this with you and you are not alone.

  • Reply
    September 1, 2015 at 6:27 am

    PS, your blog still shows your meeting times.