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Cucumbers – Tasty Tuesday with Terra

OK…..so if I am going to stay at 26 PointPlus values per day, it is imperative that I load up on veggies. If I don’t, my chances of going over my Daily Points Plus Target sky rockets. I’m a volume eater and 26 PointPlus values don’t go very far without them!!

So what I’ve been doing is simple and it might not seem all that creative, but it works!!

Wash the cucumber(s), slice them up like chips, throw them in a zip lock bag, add dill, salt and pepper to taste and shake and shake and shake!!! I put them in individual baggies and throw them in my cooler tote for lunch. They are crunchy, fresh and very fragrant when I open my lunch!! That little bit of salty dill makes them a very tasty start to a meal!

Those of you watching your sodium might not care for this idea, but if you’re a fan of vinegar and salt potato chips, I’d listen up! Buffalo Wild Wings sells a vinegar and salt spice and it works great on cucumbers. Chase (my 14 year old son) is on a Buffalo Wild Wings kick, so I was grabbing his to-go order of “naked wings” for dinner one night when I saw the seasonings they have for sale. I added a picture below so that you can see what I’m talking about.

Just like above, cut them into slices, put in a zip lock bag, add the vinegar and salt seasoning and shake. I’m not saying they taste exactly like vinegar and salt potato chips but they’re pretty darn yummy and at ZERO PointPlus values, they become even more so!!!!!!!

Try eating your veggies first. Any food tastes better when your actually hungry and by the time you get to the part of your lunch (or dinner) that does have PointPlus values, you’ve already taken the edge off. Veggies are zero PointPlus values and good for us in so many ways, so you don’t have to LOVE them…..just learn to eat them! You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to stay within your Daily Points Plus Target once you make friends with a few vegetables!!!!!!

That’s all for now. Let me know if you like them!!

All is well❤️


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