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Raw Veggies – Tasty Tuesday with Terra….

……on Wednesday!

I promise to shake up the tasty Tuesdays after this one so that every week it’s not just simple vegetables, but since committing to losing weight, I want to blog about what I’m really eating and what’s really working for me, so guess what?? Plain and simply put, I’M EATING A @&#% load of veggies and I want them to be tasty!!
I’m eating other things too, obviously, but two of the things I was NOT eating as much of when I started gaining weight was several helpings of vegetables and fruit on a daily basis. Interesting that weight gain can occur from NOT eating enough of something, isn’t it?? Without them, it’s too easy to fill up on foods with higher calories or Points Plus Values, which add up fast.

Vegetables especially don’t seem to be the foods that we automatically go for without a little effort. For most of us, we have to purposely work them into our day. Funny how the more fruits and vegetables we eat over time, the more we crave them. But conversely, when we get away from them, often times the less we crave them. So I’ve tried to come up with ways that I can eat AND enjoy them EASILY. I’m a “grab & go, don’t have to think about it” kind of Gal!!

It sounds odd, but I love raw carrots dipped in mustard. It’s an old, old Weight Watchers standby snack (don’t worry, I will NOT be making my own ketchup or eating liver once a week!) but again, it works and tastes good. All we need, right??? I’ve been shopping different flavored mustards and I’m crazy about this Cranberry Honey Mustard by Dietz and Watson. It’s 10 calories per teaspoon (0 Points Plus Values) and up to 4 teaspoons adds up to only 1 PointPlus value. I bought a package of small, disposable sauce containers with lids (pictured) to make it easy to grab-a-dip on-the-go. They are 2 ounces each, so you can portion accordingly. Most of the mustards have been good but this one is very different!! It’s sweet and tangy and a little goes a long way! It can be found at Jewel in the deli section. If you can’t find it, the deli is where I would recommend asking because I’m pretty sure they’ll know what you’re talking about. As for the little cups? I found them a while back at Jewel in the alcohol beverage section!!! Apparently there is a large enough population of folks out there making Jell-O shots that they keep them stocked!!! Party ON🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉Haha😄

I have a web designer working on a whole new look for this blog and I CANNOT wait to launch it!! I’m hoping to have the past posts (and new posts going forward) more organized and easily accessible if you care to go back to find things. Believe it or not, I started writing this blog over 6 years ago!! So, stay tuned….I’ll be writing again this week and I’ll include an update on how the new site is coming. Watch your email:-))
That’s all for now! Hope you had a happy, healthy and relaxing long weekend and you’re off to a great start on our 10 pounds lost in 10 weeks extravaganza!!!!!!!!!

All is well😀


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  • Hilde
    February 10, 2017 at 10:52 am

    I love your new format. The way the recipes are ideas are posted are much easier to find. Thanks for all the great ideas.