Tasty Tuesdays

Warm, Cheesy Mashed…

…………..BUTTTERNUT SQUASH!!! I know it sounds like a stretch, but stay with me here!!!

Last Monday I had the opportunity to go on the Trader Joe’s tour hosted by Weight Watchers. It’s a little partnership that I started with the local Trader Joe’s & our local WW about 4 years ago and it’s been so successful that it’s still going strong! Chris Ceisel from Weight Watchers and Christine Theisen from Trader Joe’s run it and they do an AMAZING job of giving ideas and strategies for healthy, low Points Plus eating that’s also budget conscious. WOW! What more could we ask for? Both of you ladies ROCK!!!! Plus they’re about the nicest two people you could ever meet!!!

Because TJ’s is such a busy store, maneuvering a group of people through it while trying to talk through each isle is no small feat!! For this reason, the tours are sign up only (if you attend a Weight Watchers meeting in the Fox Valley area, ask your leader about signing up) and limited to 15 people at a time AND only occur a few times a month. Even though you might need to rearrange your schedule a bit to attend (I had to go into work late) it’s worth it! I’ve been doing this forever and I still get new ideas every time I go!! It’s free but the inspiring meal and snack ideas you’ll get will be priceless!!! I promise!!

Today’s Tasty Tuesday is an idea straight from TJ’s beloved Christine and again, she nailed it! I’ve eaten it twice and have it on my grocery list to go back for more.

Trader Joe’s sells fresh, diced squash in a bag ready to steam. Pictured above. All you do is steam the squash until it’s very soft. Read the bag….I can’t remember how long it said and I’m all out so I can’t go check! After it’s very soft, I used a dish towel to squash the squash while still in the bag. It’s hot, but the dish towel makes it easy to handle and why dirty another dish???

Empty the mashed squash into a bowl, add Light Laughing Cow Swiss cheese. For the whole bag of squash, I used 4 wedges of cheese. I then added some butter seasoning I had for popcorn. I think a tiny bit of butter extract would be good too. Mash it all together until the cheese is completely melted into the squash.

Squash is a 0 PointPlus value veggie and Light Laughing Cow Swiss is 1 PointPlus value for TWO wedges, so the entire bowl is only 2 PointPlus values!!!! It’s so cheesy and delicious! Hope you like it too!

No updates to report on my new, fancy website yet. I know the web designer is working hard on it, so I’m trying not to bug him too much! Patience is not a virtue I possess! I’ll keep you posted though! Until then, if you’d like to comment or reach me, use my email address: terra@stonetowerproperties.com. The new site/blog will allow you to post comments to share with everyone, which will make it more interactive and fun🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

Get out and enjoy his gorgeous fall weather! Sunny and high of 80* today they say!! Wooohoooo!!

All is well❤️


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