The Journey Of Self Love

Stick To The Good Thoughts

One thing I’ve learned with out a shadow of a doubt in my 43 years of life is that our thoughts are reflected in our lives. As Wayne Dyer has said …”What you think about is what you bring about.” This certainly holds true for changing your life for the healthier and losing weight. Awareness of what we are holding true in our thought is key to where we are going. If we think we can do it, we can but if we think we can’t…..we will see that reflected outwardly and we won’t. Either way, you’re right:-))
I’ve been really excited about being back with Weight Watchers (I’m not leading any meetings yet), excited about reconnecting with so many of you through this blog and being back in control of my own eating. I track everyday, which makes me feel strong and I’m seeing slow and steady results on the scale. All good, right????????
Even with so much positive going on, I’ve started to notice my evil twin creeping into my thought with a new campaign to bring me down. She says things like “What are you so happy about? You’re still heavier than you should be?” Or she’ll say “What if your weight loses slows or stops? You’re only averaging 1 pound per week….this is taking forever…no one can even tell you’ve lost any weight! Maybe you shouldn’t be so happy??”
OK—How mean is that, I ask you???? I’m embarrassed to even voice those awful thoughts out loud to anyone, but I am sharing because I suspect in some ways, I’m not alone. This is what our material mind does and unless we make ourselves aware of it, we might actually believe this nonsense!!!!

Can you imagine saying “Well Son, after hours and hours of weight lifting, conditioning and practicing you’re better than you were last year but there are still people better than you….hope you don’t go out on the field and fail.” How would that make another person feel, if we said that? How well do you think that child would do at football practice after you said that? EXACTLY! Of course we can’t imagine saying that to our child or even thinking it!!!! So what’s the difference in saying to ourselves? There is none.
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT allow yourself to dwell on any negative thoughts about yourself. If there are behaviors you’d like to change, things you’d like to do better….BY ALL MEANS do it, but do not allow yourself to attach any thought to yourself that you don’t want to see reflected in your experience. Fear, doubt, and a host of other non productive thoughts will arise at different times, but we don’t have to accept them as true for ourselves. We have the ability to replace them with something better. We have a choice. We are capable of changing our thoughts at any moment and as soon as we start to recognize this control, we not only feel better, we do better. Gratitude is powerful and it’s a simple place to start. I saw the below quote from Joel Osteen and I think it applies to our own private thoughts too!

When your evil twin is trying to fill you with unwanted, unproductive thoughts and you can’t seem to shut her up, go back to basics. Get out an old fashioned piece of paper and a pen and start to list everything you’re grateful for right now!! Give thanks for what you already are and have. Allow those thoughts to wash over you. Gratitude will push any thought that’s not in line with what you want right out of your experience. I absolutely love the quote at the very top of this post. Try it. It works. I promise.
Have a fabulous day!!
All is well💖


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