My Challenge To You

Today Is A Perfect Day To Start Living The Changes You Want To See In Your Life!!


This is SO true!!!


Getting started is the most difficult part of any change, no matter how good the change is for us. Time is a relative term. When waiting for something to happen, time seems slow. But have you noticed that once that “something” has happened, time seems to speed up? Often when we look back on an experience our perspective changes drastically and we realize that what we thought took “forever” was just a blink of an eye is in the scheme of things.

If you have been thinking about making healthy lifestyle changes that will help you to drop some weight, NOW is the time to do it. There is truly no time like the present! The new year is coming in about 3 months, whether you take action or not, it will arrive. Before we all know it, it will be 2016. When that happens how do you want to feel? Are there any new routines you would liked to have adopted by then? What small, manageable change can you make TODAY that will get you one step closer to the answers you gave to my questions? That’s all it takes….honestly…one little step at a time and KEEP DOING IT!!!!!! You are not alone and you can do this!!!!

Just a quick second announcement for anyone who didn’t read my message yesterday and a reminder for anyone who did…..

TODAY, Monday, October 5th I will be the guest leader for the 930am Weight Watchers meeting at the South Elgin Weight Watchers Store. Come see me if you are able and let’s start the week on a positive note!

The WW Store opens at 9am and I’ll start the meeting at 930am. The address is: St.Andrews Shopping Center, 216 Randall Road, South Elgin, IL 60177. It’s on the west side of Randall Road just north of Kohls and south of the rail road tracks.

Let’s get inspired together as make it a fabulous week!!!


All is well!



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