Count Your Blessings

A “Good” Week vs. a “Bad” Week

When a new week rolls around after a celebratory weekend or a holiday, often many of us look back and consider it to be a “bad” week. I know we only mean “bad” when it comes to weight loss or the healthiest of choices but I’m sick of doing it!! I’d like to work to break the habit, wouldn’t you? It’s such a negative, contradictory way of thinking and it serves no good purpose!!
This year I had a short get away to Puerto Rico with Darin piggy backed right on top of a week of family in town for Thanksgiving and then my birthday, yesterday. It’s basically been a two week PARTAY!!! So of course this morning, I woke up feeling like “UGH! Time to pay the piper for my ‘bad’ behavior.” But you know what?? I’m standing up and saying NO! I don’t have to make up for anything or feel guilty!!! I had a FABULOUS time with my hubby and my family!! I wouldn’t have wanted to change that!! It was a great 2 weeks, not a bad 2 weeks!!

The way we feel today is our CHOICE and instead, we can choose to be excited about getting back to our healthy routine. We can look back on the Thanksgiving holiday with gratitude rather than remorse or regret or guilt. Most agree that “life is short” but if we really understand what that means, we should be nicer and more compassionate towards OURSELVES!!!

So if you’re feeling I but like I was—-maybe you’d like to join me in replacing any burdening thoughts of guilt or other negativity with feelings of JOY! Let’s count our blessings and enjoy the process of getting back to our healthy routine!!! We don’t have to wait until we are perfect to feel good—-we can choose to feel good right now. It’s so much easier to make healthy choices when we are in a positive state of mind. There is much to be grateful for, so let’s focus on that and make it a happy day!!!

All is well😄


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    December 12, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Well said!

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