Count Your Blessings The Journey Of Self Love



Just a reminder [the above quote] as you go about your day!!  

Our value, our completeness doesn’t come from a number–whether that number is the one on our scale, on the tag of our jeans or on the display screen of the treadmill!!  Goals can be terrific motivators, but we don’t have to wait until we reach them to feel complete.  And if we fall short in achieving a goal we set for ourselves yesterday, it doesn’t mean we are any less complete as a person today. 

We ARE enough just as we sit right now, reading this post.  Yep!  It’s true!  I know we like to focus on our shortcomings, (seems easier than tooting our own horn, doesn’t it??) but the fact is:  It’s a bad habit!!    If we don’t learn gratitude & contentment with what we have now, we probably won’t be able feel it later either, no matter how much good is in our lives!! 

This just really spoke to me this morning and I thought it might be something you would appreciate being reminded of too!

Happy Hump Day😄

All is well💖



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