In life, the line from point A to point B isn’t always straight. We may set a goal for ourself and end up not being able to take the fastest, shortest route to accomplishing it. Life isn’t neat and tidy like that, most of the time, but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to get there.  

We live in a world of instant gratification, but taking care of ourselves and our health isn’t a goal we achieve and then check off our list. It doesn’t happen instantly. It doesn’t even happen in one day or one week. It’s on going and it’s a process.  If we look at our health and our weight as just a number on the scale, the journey to get to that “perfect weight” feels endlessly long and discouraging. 

Weight loss (and life in general) is a process of new beginnings. Every day is a fresh start but that doesn’t mean you are necessarily starting from the same place you were yesterday.  Each day we learn more about what works for us, what helps us to feel good about ourselves and what doesn’t. We bring that information, that personal growth, with us into each new day.  We aren’t exactly the same person we were yesterday and we can’t stay the same person we are today. We are evolving and growing and we can’t go backwards, no matter what the scale says. 

Enjoy now.  Don’t talk yourself into believing you should be at a further point in your journey.  That kind of thinking….you know the kind….”I should weigh xxx pounds by now” or “I should be in better shape at this age”, etc., etc., …….serves no purpose. It robs us of our power today. Let’s not waste a minute wishing we were at some other point in our life journey. We don’t need to wait until we achieve some goal we’ve set for ourselves to be happy and feel good. We can honor the “space in between” (as the quote says) by choosing joy and being grateful for all the good in our lives every step of the way—even if a few of those steps feel as if they might have been backwards. It’s not a race.  When we learn to honor ourselves as we are and be grateful for right now, the journey becomes more peaceful and less of a struggle. We feel better and we make better choices.  Isn’t that really what it’s all about???

Have a fabulous day everyone!!  As I’m writing this, there’s a little bird chirping outside my window. That means spring is almost here, right??  We’ve almost made it out of winter!!  That’s an accomplishment in itself!!! Yahhhhooooo!!!

All is well😄