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Chutes & Ladders

“You’ll leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, I no longer want this in my life.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer


So true!  When we’ve had enough of enough of enough….we make a change. But….

What if the old habit returns?  Past, undesirable habits don’t return because we consciously change our minds and decide to welcome them back into our lives.  Right??  So my question is:  Why are we sometimes faced with the challenge of breaking the same unwanted habits over and over again throughout our lives?  Why does it seem for some of us, we are never “cured” for good?  
This seems to be forever the case when managing food and weight issues.  Managing our weight can feel like a never ending game of Chutes and Ladders!    Goin’ along good, feelin’ good, getting to where we want to be, then for whatever reason, we stumble upon a “chute” and boom, it feels as if we’ve slid all the way back down to where we started.  UGH!! 

 Not weighing our ideal weight isn’t the end of the world, but it sure can feel lonely, frustrating and daunting, not to mention unhealthy.  Watching the scale stay the same or going up when we want the opposite to happen feels unfair.  Because it seems as like such a simple thing…eat in moderation and move around..that when we don’t do it, it feels as if there is something “wrong” with us and it opens flood gates of negative self talk.   “Why is this such a struggle?”  “Why can’t I do this?”  “Why did I eat that?”  “Why do I let food have control?” —-and on and on and on and on, we berate ourselves to exhaustion. 

If your weight isn’t where you want it to be and you are feeling discouraged because you have returned to some unwanted behaviors that are not helping you live the life you’ve imagined (Henry David Thoreau), please don’t feel lonely.  You are not alone.  Far from it.  I don’t know WHY this is our challenge, but what I do know is this:  Focusing on the unfairness and the “why” isn’t the way to move forward. Instead, let’s make it about the how, the what and taking ACTION.

-WHAT can we learn from yesterday?

-HOW can we use that to make today better?

-WHAT are all of the good things in our lives RIGHT NOW?

-HOW can we focus on them and express more gratitude for those things?

-WHAT is one healthy thing we can do for ourselves today?

-HOW can we make time to do it?

We are all capable of changing our behaviors and our thoughts one small step at a time so they are in line with living the lifestyle we desire.  We CAN do it. That’s a fact.  The question is WILL WE?  My answer is YES.  What’s yours??

All is well😊





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