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Chicken Sausage – Super Simple Tasty Tuesday!!

Meijer makes several different flavors. All are good but double check the SmartPoints–some go up to 3 SmartPoints. Still worth it but important to track correctly.

Just TWO SmartPoints each!  Need I say more??  Well, I’ve never been one of few words and it gets even better, so you know I can’t end the post here!!  These hearty spinach & mozzarella chicken sausages are precooked and taste just as good prepared in the microwave as they do on grill if you’re short on time.   You know I wouldn’t post them if they weren’t DELISH!!   I like the apple maple flavor too!

Still hungry after one?  Have another without worry of any extra “hidden” SmartPoints finding their way into your tracker.  1 sausage = 2 SmartPoints. 2 sausages = 4 SmartPoints. Nice, huh??

Cole and I in Colorado last week checking out Colorado State University and got some amazind hiking in too!!!

son, Cole, is home from college for the summer. He’s a football player and very carb conscious, so instead of serving the chicken sausages on Heathy Life hot dogs buns (only 2 SmartPoints each) like I used to, we now serve them over sautéed peppers and onions and I think they taste even better!   If not better, at least as good and definitely more filling!  

For the two of us (Chase, my 15 year old son, still sticks to his mac & cheese), I sauté one bag of Trader Joe’s frozen roasted peppers and onions in a skillet with Pam. Then I add 4 sausages cut into bite size pieces to the skillet and cook until hot.  It makes two nice, big bowls of food and you’ll get a sausage piece in nearly every bite. Your whole meal is only 4 SmartPoints!!  Yep, only 4!!

What are some of your favorite low SmartPoints go-to foods??  Please share!! I get emails asking for ideas all the time and I’d love be able to share your ideas too.  If you post as a comment on this page, everyone can see it, which is so helpful, so please do!!  Love to hear from you💖

Have an awesome, short week!!  It’s already Tuesday!!!!!  Wooohooo!

All is well😄


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  • Mary Zell
    June 2, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Thank you so much for the great tip for an easy summer meal. Great to take to a BBQ where everyone is eating brats and dogs. Thank you, as well, for the detailed directions to add a comment. I’ve often attempted, but couldn’t get passed the “timed out” issue. Blessings

  • It's me, Terra!
    May 30, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Leaving a comment is E-A-S-Y! Type your comment, fill in the name and email boxes. Just leave the box that says website empty. Because spam is such a problem, we added the little arithmetic problem to verify you’re a real reader, not a spammer. Just fill in the missing number to complete the problem after you’ve written your comment and hit post. You’re all set! If it says “timed out” click the circular arrow by the math problem and it will refresh with a new question. Fill ‘er in and hit post again. Thanks for adding your 2 cents!!