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Terra on TV! Weight Watchers

Terra on the You & Me Morning Show

As you can see, I have been doing my homework! All of my recipes are marked and ready to go! NO ONE TOUCH MY POST ITS!!!!

I’m not sure if this post will go out in an email before the segment airs, but I wanted to try to let you know ahead of time I’ll be on WCIU, THE U, You & Me Morning Show tomorrow, Wednesday, July 6th.  I’ll be talking about flavorful, healthy recipes for summer picnics and featuring 3 recipes from Weight Watchers new cookbook called Family Meals, pictured above.  I meant to post the info about the show last week so you would know ahead of time, but I completely forgot to do so.  SORRY!

I believe WCIU is channel 27 or 26, depending on your television service. Digital: 27 (UHF) Virtual: 26 (PSIP). I’m supposed to be on at 6:50am but it’s a live broadcast, so sometimes the exact time of the segment changes. Tune in if you can!!!  If not, I’ll post the link to it later this week.

Send your positive thoughts my way tonight as I spend my evening in the kitchen preparing!  Talking in front of people…sure, no problem.  Reading a recipe and taking the time to follow it to make a meal from scratch?  Uhhh…Not so much my style!!  So a big shout out ahead of time to my Mom who pretends to “help” me but ends up doing most of the cooking!  Love you, MOM!

All is well!

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  • Kathy
    July 6, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Made WW South-Of-France Potato Salad over the weekend and it was delicious.