When Cole, my oldest son, started college I gave up all the Weight Watchers meetings I was leading so I could spend more time at Stone Tower Properties, in my full time job as a Realtor.   Those tuition bills add up quickly!!!

In 2001/2002 I lost 75 pounds and happily kept it off (give or take a few pounds) until 2014.  I stopped leading Weight Watchers meetings in March and by July, I had gained 17 pounds. Ouch.

What I’ve realized through this experience is leading Weight Watchers meetings is my passion. “Working” for Weight Watchers was never really “work” for me at all. It’s inspiring and who doesn’t have time to be inspired???   I’ve been a Realtor for 15 years and was able to find time for Weight Watchers for most of that time and I want that balance back!!  Struggling with weight my entire life, clearly dieting doesn’t work for me.  When I found Weight Watchers, I learned to manage the struggle and enjoy the process.  The weight came off and stayed off. The only thing better than finding that balance for myself is helping others to find it too!!

Let’s finish 2016 healthy and strong!!   Let’s focus on accountability with flexibility, support that helps to build strength, sharing eating choices that fit into our lifestyle and most of all taking time for ourselves. Time to regroup and focus on feeling our best.  All that equals Weight Watchers and I’m elated to be a small part of it again!
All is well!