Tasty Tuesdays Weight Watchers

PB & J.2 Terra’s Tasty Tuesday!


It’s back to school season and boy, can we feel it!  Don’t even think about going to the Geneva Commons (the local outdoor mall in my area) or Target without planning to wait in long lines!  Seems as if everyone is out scrambling to purchase school clothes and supplies this week!!

One of my favorite breakfasts on school days, growing up was peanut butter toast.  The whole  back-to-school vibe in the air reminded me of it, so I decided to make it and WOW–it’s a good as I remember!  

I made a few easy modifications to it so it’s now worth the SmartPoints it costs me and it’s now my new favorite snack!!  Who doesn’t love a warm, sweet, gooey treat anytime of day????

Here’s what I use:

Healthy Life English Muffin, toasted- 2 Smart Points each. 

Smuckers Sugar Free Preseves-0 Smart Points. Red raspberry is my favorite, but I rotate flavors :-))

Better n’ Peanut Butter- 2 teaspoons is only 1 Smart Point. I like this product a lot and find it at Trader Joe’s. BUT, if you want to use regular peanut butter, go ahead!!!  It’s all in the PORTION when it comes to peanutbutter. 2 teaspoons of regular peanut butter is only 2 Smartpoints. No matter which PB you use, 1 teaspoon per muffin half is all you really need. After the muffin is warm and toasted, the PB melts all over it for perfection!  Trust me!

So, if you use regular peanutbutter your total is 4 Smart Points and with Better n’ Peanut Butter it’s only 3. Either way, you can’t go wrong. It’s full of fiber, has a little protein and most importantly tastes deliciously decadent!!

Try it–you’ll like it!!

See all of my Tuesday Schaumburg friends at 10am today!  It’s going to be a fabulous Weight Watchers meeting–so don’t miss it!!!

All is well!


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