It doesn’t matter how big the goal is….we all start out the same way…ONE STEP AT A TIME.  It’s no different with weight loss. Whether it’s 10 pounds or 110 pounds, we all start by losing one.  Small changes, done consistently over time can equal big, big results.

When it comes to weight loss and making healthy choices, it really doesn’t take much to start to feel results.  The hardest part?  Getting started. Just doing something and realizing each small change is enough. That each small change is worth it and to motivate ourselves to keep going.  And this is where I know I can be of help….

We will be focusing on figuring out exactly WHAT you want to achieve this fall and HOW to get it done!   This week will be a “work shop” style meeting to get you off on the right foot!  We will talk about meal planning, time management and put together simple, straight forward plans that will lead to effective results, getting you on track to feeling your best right away!  The research has proven that people on the new Beyond the Scale Program are losing 15% more weight on average, than any other Weight Watchers program in the past!!!  Pretty impressive stat, wouldn’t you say???   We all know Weight Watchers works when we work it.  Combining food, fitness AND fulfillment into the equation equals real results and a truly healthy, sustainable lifestyle!

If you’ve been thinking about making some healthier changes to lose weight, this is your time. Together we can accomplish anything!!  The support of the group, the idea swapping and the shared energy will get you to the place you want to be and I’m extremely excited to be a part of it!!  You’re definitely not alone and you can start to feel better right away, I promise.

All is well❤️