Tasty Tuesdays Weight Watchers

Tamales, Guac & Refried Beans! OH YUM! Tasty Tuesday

Here’s what I LOVE about Trader Joe’s…..I can run in quickly and grab a complete meal that’s healthy, filling, delicious AND keeps me within my daily Smart Points target. All I have to do when I get home is warm it up and the fam is happy!!  Tasty, healthy, easy—-I’ll take it!!!!  

These chicken and green chile tamales are the base of one of our staple meals in our weekly rotation.   Each tamale is 4 SmartPoints and they’re SO good, I never get tired of them!  

Three tablespoons of TJ’s Guiltless Guac = 1 Smart Point. Or live it up and have up to 5T for only 2 Smart Points!  

1/2 a cup of fatfree refried beans is 3 SmartPoints. 

I warm up the beans and tamales.  Next I use a big salad bowl (doesn’t food in a nice big bowl just feel like comfort food???  Must be from all the casseroles I was raised on growing up!) and put in 2 tamales (8SPs), 1/2C of warm refried beans (3 SPs) and top with 3T of Guiltless Guac (1 SP) and lots of pico de gallo (0 SP). 

It’s a fav meal at my house and for the 12 Smart Points you’ll invest, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be full!  If it’s too much, cut it down to one tamale and you’ll only spend 8 SPs on the meal. Try it and let me know!

Have to run–need to get out the door to get to our 10am Weight Watchers meeting at the Schaumburg Store. Don’t forget I’m also leading the 530pm meeting in Geneva on Thursdays. Hope to see you soon!

All is well😄



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