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Hitting The Reset Button

“When you have a great and difficult task, something perhaps almost impossible, if you only work a little at a time, every day a little, suddenly the work will finish itself.”                                                                                                                 -ISAK DINESEN
One of the best parts of being mindful and engaged in living a healthy life style is realizing that each day is a new and fresh opportunity to keep doing what’s working well and to stop or at least curb what’s not.  Thursday night is my weekly weigh in (see–I weigh AT NIGHT and it’s working! Try it–your weigh in time of day is all relative, just keep it consistent-don’t be scared!) and that means the start of a brand new week for me. I LOVE this feeling.  A chance to reflect back and then move forward with a completely clean slate AND a full supply of weekly SmartPoints. Woohoo!

Darin was in New Orleans for work last week and since I had never been but always wanted to go, I joined him for the weekend. We had a fabulous time!  Oh what a place, New Orleans!  The culture, the hospitality, the colorful beads, the weather (high 70s and sunny all weekend!) and of course….the food.  The food.  Yes, THE food.  Benets, gumbo, po-boys, crawfish etouffe, shrimp creole, hurricanes, juleps and on and on!  As I think about my week and knowing I have to get on the scale tonight, I’m resisting the temptation to regret a single bit of it.  We had a blast and I didn’t eat to gorge–I ate to sample and to enjoy and to experiment.  It truly was worth every last Smart Point, no matter how many over I am!

It’s not the fun long weekend or the special vacation or even the bad week of emotional eating that makes us over weight.  It only becomes a problem when we keep doing it consistently. It’s not easy to get back on track when we’ve take a break from our healthy routine, but it’s a hundred times easier to do when we forgive ourselves first. The worst thing we can do for our health is to berate ourselves with feelings of guilt or shame or regret. It doesn’t matter if the reason for over doing it was something that was NOT worth it, like emotional eating or if it was something fun like my trip to NOLA—either way, learn from it and move on!  Today is a new day and if Thursday is your Weight Watchers weigh day, it’s your brand new week too, so let’s embrace it together and be joyful we have made the choice to take action!   The journey to feeling our best is one step at a time and it happens in the moment!  This moment!

All is well!


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  • monica keane
    October 27, 2016 at 10:06 am

    Great photo and i love the message