Emotions and Perceptions The Journey Of Self Love

What Are You Thinking?

“Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it faith.  Feed it truth.  Feed it with love.”

Perception is reality.  What we think becomes true for us, whether it is true or not.  If we think we can’t control our eating, 9 out of 10 times, we won’t. If we don’t think we are attractive, it doesn’t matter if we have the beauty of Jackie O, we will never be able to enjoy it because we won’t allow ourselves to see it.  If we tell ourselves over and over how much we hate to exercise, guess what?  We will most likely never find a way to enjoy exercise. 

What is our actual goal here?  Is it really a number on a scale?  Is our goal a number on a tiny tag on the back of our jeans?   Is it to look a certain way?   Deep down, I don’t believe so. I believe most of us want to lose weight or maintain the weight we have lost because it makes us feel good about ourselves and we want to be healthy. We perceive a life at a healthy weight as making us happy.  Aren’t we ultimately seeking to be at peace with ourselves and live a long, happy life?  Do we have to be at our goal weight to accomplish this?  Is one a prerequisite for the other?

I’m not an expert but I’ve experienced the spectrum in my life so far. I’ve lived overweight by as much as 75 pounds, I’ve lived in a healthy goal range and I’ve even managed to live at my “dream weight”, albeit not for long, but I did experience it :-))!!  I’ve learned A LOT  from my journey. 

Here’s what I know to be true. Living a “healthy life” starts in our thought. How do we know what thoughts are healthy?  They are the ones that make us FEEL GOOD.  Thoughts of peace, love, joy, satisfaction with the moment, gratitude.  These are not thoughts we “get” once we lose weight or improve our bodily health.  They are always with us, we just need to work on cultivating them to become as second nature as possible. The beauty of this life is our free will. We each get to choose how we think and feel regardless of what’s going on around us.   We are each meant to shine and shine now.  When we start monitoring our thoughts and really honing in on feeling  JOY as often as we can, it becomes SO MUCH EASIER to control our actions.  I believe with my whole heart we were put here to learn to love ourselves and each other and it has nothing to do with our weight. 

The first step to lasting weight loss is no doubt, shedding the negative feelings about ourselves and our situation.   When we stand up to the feelings of guilt, self loathing, disappointment, regret, sadness and say NO, we make room for love. We make room for peace.  I know it seems uncomfortable at first, but I promise, being able to see the perfection already within yourself is one of the most important things we can do on a daily basis for our health!!    The following is not only one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Wayne Dyer, but also one of the most powerful:  “When we change the way we see things, the things we see change.”  

Don’t take my word…Try it for yourself!!

Love you! Have a fabulous day!  

All is well,



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