“Busy is a choice.  Stress is a choice.  Joy is a choice.  Choose well.”

At first when I read this quote, I argued with it in my mind.  Then I thought about it longer and as I did, a real sense of freedom and peace washed over me.  I’ll be darned….it IS true!  How wonderful!  How exciting!

It’s easy to get swept away in the day to day, week to week minutia of our responsibilities  and forget that we control our thoughts.  We get to choose how we want to feel, regardless of the situation or challenge.  It’s so much easier and fulfilling to manage our “to do’s” focused on joy and the good that’s around us than it is to go forward in stress and mental chaos.  We are here to shine, not feel bogged down and heavy!!  Slow down for a second, release any fear or negative thoughts that are playing in the background of your mind and choose to see the good in yourself and in the day.  It’s there…we just have to wake ourselves up to it.  It’s feels fabulous!!

Just thought I’d share what’s helping me :-)). Hope it’s a helpful reminder to you too!  Post your thoughts in the Comments section. We love to hear from you!!

All IS well❤️