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A Little Naughty…A Little Nice…

…It’s all about balance. Thought this image was too cute to pass up posting!  Make sure you click “read more” to see it!

The concept of balance is quite a challenge this time of year. “The most wonderful time of the year” is in deed wonderful but can also feel all consuming. Between the mile long to-do lists, the delicious food at every turn, the abundance of cheer in a cup and the string of special festivities that have been going on since Thanksgiving—balance can seem quite a distant memory!   On top of all the hustle, bustle and fun, we’ve also been battleing some pretty frigid weather here in Illinois, which has made it significantly more difficult to be active outside. 

I don’t know about you, but is when I start to panic.  Ahhh!  It goes something like this…..”I’ve worked so hard to keep my weight on track and now I’m eating all sorts of things I ‘shouldn’t’ and I barely have time to exercise and I think I’ve gained 10 pounds just thinking about it!”   A dramatization?  In fact, yes, but in my head, no!  This is how it feels!

When we start to panic about how all this might affect our weight, it’s important to remind ourselves this is a cycle. As quickly as the holidays arrived, they will be over.  So now, while in the midst of them, how can we bring ourselves back to focusing on what’s truly important about this time of year?   Let’s not waste a moment of this joyful time beating ourselves up over any not-so-optimal food choices we make or the workouts we may end up missing. The meaning of the holiday—our friends, our family, reaching out to others to give is too important to be overshadowed by feelings of guilt, shame and worry about our weight.

I write this because I battle it every year. I’m not at my strongest when surrounded by party foods and drinks. I like making “merry”…..what can I say???   But after the party or the indulging that felt worthwhile at the time, my evil twin likes to try to make me feel bad about my choices.  This is where I’ve had to toughen up and say NO!  Not doing it!  Not going to feel guilt, shame or any of the other host of icky feelings that thoughts about my weight can bring.   

Balance may not be found daily but it can still be achieved overall. If we’ve truly adopted a healthy LIFESTYLE, special occasions are part of it. The journey to losing weight and maintaining the weight we’ve lost is not a straight path. There are all kinds of turns and detours and that’s OK!  Those are the fun parts!!!  Let’s relax and enjoy the holiday to the fullest. When we relax and allow ourselves to feel the true joy without the negative feelings about how we look or what we weigh, it’s so much more rewarding and we can see the big picture. Feel good about yourself as you are. Feel good about all the healthy choices you DO make!  Balance is a process and we can achieve it one mindful step at a time. 

Gotta run!  Have a fabulous day!!  Also–just for this week— I’ll be substituting as the leader in Geneva tonight, Wednesday, Dec 21st at the 6pm meeting.  Doors open at 530pm for weigh in. Hope to see you before Christmas!!!

All is well!



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