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What An Evening!

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer

This quote was illustrated so beautifully by the panel of folks who so bravely and openly shared the stories of their weight loss journeys Thursday night with a packed house at the Geneva Weight Watchers Store.  There were seven panelists with weight losses ranging from 12 pounds to 98 pounds lost and each had different challenges to overcome.  But the one thing they ALL said was a requirement to changing their lives for the better:  We must learn to love ourselves through all of it.  Not just the days we do well. Everyday at every stage and every weight.   Everyone of them agreed, focusing on the good about themselves and in each step is the only way to make lasting positive changes.   Someone in the audience even  challenged them on this asking “What if I can’t?  What if I’m able to treat everyone around me with love and respect and compassion but when I look at myself, I hate what I see?”  The entire panel held strong and said there is always something good you’ve done and something beautiful about you and learning to see yourself that way NOW, not just when you’re at a certain weight, is critical.  Putting yourself at the top of “the list” and taking baby steps. 

Oh my gosh!   There was so much positive energy in the room it was like a rush pure Love. The feeling of anything is possible if you change the way you look at your journey was overwhelming!  There was much more said and shared and I wish I had time to write it all, but I had to get at least this main point out to all of you who were unable to attend. The journey starts in our thinking and it can be changed anytime we choose. Surrounding ourselves with positive people helps to facilitate the change and that’s the whole reason I take the time write this blog.  See the good in yourself and what is around you…some days in some circumstances it’s tough, but it’s there!  Find it and move forward in joy!

Have a fabulous day and take some time to be kind to yourself!

Remember, All is well❤



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  • Monica Keane
    February 25, 2017 at 8:55 am

    Terra, I must not have been paying attention because I don’t remember hearing about panel events. How do I find out what’s coming up?

    • Terra
      February 25, 2017 at 9:13 am

      There is a lot of info on the chairs at each ww location, so you can grab a flyer when you come to the meeting Tuesday. The one in Schaumburg next Tuesday the 28th at 7pm. I only moderated the one in Geneva that took place last Thursday. Weight Watchers hosts them a few times of year—really powerful events and fun!

  • Suzy Zemel
    February 25, 2017 at 8:46 am

    Terra, it was a fabulous evening. I applaud the panel as well as as WW for giving us the opportunity to have an evening like this. I am wondering if WW will consider having a daytime opportunity for people that are too busy after their kids get home from school. From a retired teacher’s perspective, this might be a way of helping the next generation. Just a thought. In any case I was honored to have had the opportunity to hear this fabulous panel. If I did not have a commitment on the evening of the 28th, I would be at this next panel event.