The Journey Of Self Love

A Source From Which Something May Be Drawn As Needed

Mahatma Gandhi’s Wisdom

When I moved to the west coast last fall, saying good bye to all of my Illinois WW members, co-workers, friends and family was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Just as Darin and I started to feel settled and I was developing new WW friendships in Fresno, the pandemic hit. As we all know, in what felt like overnight, life as we knew it stopped. Everything closed and we all began to figure out what it meant to navigate our lives from our homes.

Enter the world of………VIRTUAL! I never in a million years thought the power of Zoom would be so incredibly effective in connecting and reconnecting us. WHAT A BLESSING to come out of a terrible crisis! Not only are we Zooming with our family, friends and co workers, it’s also made attending WW Workshops easier and more convenient than EVER! We have access from anywhere at practically any time to the valuable WW community when we need WELLNESS the most!

My desk transformed into mission control for everything virtual!

The WW virtual workshops have been instrumental in getting so many of us through this crisis in a healthy way. Our world has become smaller and less lonely when we can simply log onto a virtual workshop anywhere in the world, anytime, and share with others. Often we realize we share the same struggles with others and that brings a level of comfort with it. A level of normalizing a less-than-ideal situation. It feels good relate to others and when can do that even when they live across the country or even across the ocean, it’s truly amazing. We realize we are all just people trying our best and that we can shift and grow. Other times we have our eyes opened by learning our struggles are significantly less than some around us and we need to raise our vibration to give them the strength they need. Either way, we listen, we lend support, we offer our love through just being present in the Zoom workshop and letting each other be heard.

Ta-Dah!!!! We are live! The next best thing to being in the same room!

I love #8 on Gandhi’s list of wisdom. Our actions express our priorities. There are no points for “I was going to do that, but…….”. If we perceive it as important enough, we find a way do it. If we don’t perceive it as important, let’s face it, we will use any excuse in the book to avoid doing it. Where does our health fall on our personal list of priorities? We don’t need to go any further than to review our actions to find the answer to our own question. It’s not what we say, it’s what we do. Now more than ever we all need to feel seen, to feel heard and to be validated and that’s what’s happening everyday, all over the world in the name of WELLNESS and weight loss in the WW virtual workshops. If you’re ready to take action to get your weight and eating under control I’m here to help you and there is an entire WW community with me!

Wellness. Going to the well. One of the definitions of WELL found in the Mirriam-Webster dictionary is: Well: A source from which something may be drawn as needed. That certainly applies to the WW Virtual Workshop experience. Join our workshops and draw all the encouragement, ideas, tips, science-backed techniques and accountability you need as often as you need to help you succeed in your wellness goals. The support of the WW community has had a remarkable affect on my personal weight loss and weight maintenance journey and that’s why I can’t help but share it with everyone!!! Hope you’ll join us at a virtual workshop soon! I just happen to lead one THIS MORNING😁…and every Monday morning at 830am Pacific time/1030am Central time. The link can be found in the WW app under the Fresno, CA Connect Group. See you there!

All is well❤️

Terra Ayres, Wellness Coach🌺

👩🏻‍💻Terra’s WW Schedule of Virtual Workshops👩🏻‍💻***Updated Sept 7th, 2020***

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    September 14, 2020 at 7:20 am

    Terra- very good thoughts!
    Thanks you❤️