Weight Watchers & Me

My passion for coaching would never have been found if not for my journey with Weight Watchers!

Weight Watchers is where I got my start in Coaching in 2003 and I continue today as a part-time National Virtual Coach. You can find me on WeightWatchers.com or on the WW app by using the Coach Finder feature as shown below😄 I love the WW community and experiencing the diversity of coaching in a large workshop setting filled with people from all over the country!

Each of us is the expert on ourselves and what I’ve learned on my wellness journey is that the freedom, flexibility and Points system rooted in science that Weight Watchers offers is the perfect fit for me! As a Lifetime member, the sustainability and livability of WW have given me the tools to keep my weight in the healthy BMI range for over 23 years.

Out of my love for coaching in a large group, came my desire to be able to expand and go deeper in a completely confidential, one-on-one setting. In my practice as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach I am able focus specifically on the individual. One-on-one coaching allows me to ask short but powerful questions specific to my client and then engage in deep, empathetic listening to really hear what they are saying. One of my strongest skills as a Coach is creating a safe, nonjudgemental space for my clients to be able to process their emotions and learn to think outside of the box. Fresh insights and learnings emerge from this and we partner to create well designed action plans that not only move them closer to their outcome goals but also bring joy and satisfaction in the process.

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to bring what I offer as a Coach to both Weight Watchers Virtual Workshops as well as my private Coaching practice. I’m here to do all I can to help YOU live the life of your dreams!

Terra’s Weight Watchers Virtual Workshop Schedule

Shown in Pacific Time

Mondays: 8:30am | 12pm

Tuesdays: 7:30 am | 8:30am | 11am | 1pm

Fridays: 8am | 10am | 12pm

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I am a Weight Watchers employee writing about my personal experience on the plan. This is something I do on my own and am not compensated by Weight Watchers to do so. The views expressed are my own and do not reflect the views of Weight Watchers.